Observership Program for International Medical Graduates

The eligibility criteria are that each learner has to be in a WHO recognized residency program.  We only offer 2 week or 4 week electives with the dates being of the learner’s choosing as long as we can fit them in. The fee is $1,000.00 CAD and is the same for both a 2-week and 4 week observership (administrative fee and the work required is the same for both). We suggest that interested individuals contact 4 months before their desired start date.

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, all students coming from Countries where English is not the primary/first language are required to have proof of a passing grade in all sections of the TOEFL or IELTS exam. You are advised to get this before applying (

You will need to contact Barbara Foster at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.  She will help you obtain your license.  She will also tell you that you must contact the Postgrad Office (DO NOT CONTACT IT). Christine Kaiser (see below) is handling all the details of your elective and contacting Postgrad will just confuse matters. Barbara’s email address is:

The fee for an elective is $ 1,000.00 CDN. This fee is non-refundable but, if you cannot attend the elective due to mitigating circumstances acceptable by our office, we can move the dates up to a more suitable time. We will require a cheque made payable to The Department of Radiology, UBC. Please send it to the address below by post or courier and it must be received before the process can start. For a letter of completion/reference (LOR) you must ask your supervisor towards the end of your observership.

To sum up:  The things you must do before we can begin the process are provide proof of a passing grade all sections of TOEFL (or IELTS) and remit $1,000.00 CDN to this office along with your application and other required documents.



Christine Kaiser, BA
Senior Program Assistant
Dept. of Radiology, Undergrad Program
3350F – 950 – West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
Phone:  604-875-4111 ext. 66794
Fax:  604-875-4319