Emergency Radiology Clinical Fellowships

  1. Ours is the largest ER fellowship program in the world with 6 paid and several sponsored positions (Government of home country of the applicant).
  2. Our program has the unique distinction of covering 24/7 stroke imaging including CT and CTA of head and neck.
  3. We perform and interpret 40 plus Cardiac MDCTA’s per week making us the largest volume of Cardiac CT ER imaging center in North America.


The goal of the Emergency & Trauma Radiology Fellowship year is to provide trainees with a broad based experience in Trauma and Acute Care Imaging. Completion of this Fellowship should allow candidates to occupy most emergency and trauma radiology with enough experience and understanding of imaging and procedures to practice independently, successfully and safely.

Getting Your English Language Proficiency Passing Test Scores: The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) is the licensing body for UBC’s Fellowships and requires passing scores for an English Proficiency test completed before licensure will be granted – see information here: https://www.cpsbc.ca/files/pdf/REG-ELP.pdf

Getting Your Credentials Verified: All International Medical Graduates (IMGs) must get their credentials verified through the Medical Council of Canada’s “Physicians apply” portal.  This can take up to three months to achieve and is THE MOST IMPORTANT requirement for licensure – achieving this, supports your fellowship educational licensure approval which supports your visa/work permit for immigration– having this completed is a GREAT way to “put yourself above others” for consideration.

Go to the Medical Council of Canada’s “Physician’s Apply” website: http://physiciansapply.ca/ and follow the steps to verify your credentials as this is required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) for your educational license for your Fellowship https://www.cpsbc.ca/contact-us You will be required to set up an account (pay a registration fee), then submit the correct documents required by the CPSBC for verification (typically it is your passport, your Medical Degree/Certificate, your Radiology Specialty certificate, but what is required can vary with each country).





Radiology Fellowships